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Employees number: >50
Group turnover class: >10 mln €
Main markets: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Russia

The Customer's Needs

The project involves production in Italy and testing in Spain in order to obtain American and European certification for two different tests.

First test – two single leaf doors: The requirement for the site is FD 20, no hose, for the EN market 30 minutes.

Second test – double-leaf door: The requirements are FD 20 no hose for UL and 60 minutes for EN.

  • To develop worldwide products capable of compete on multiple markets;
  • Follow both UL and the EN16034 standard testing and certification methods;
  • To carry out commercial and technical documentation for the new products;
  • Support the customer during IPI, Initial Production Inspection, made from an UL inspector

The Chemolli Fire solution

Production is carried out with our assistance and supervision. We organise and manage sample collection and sampling, both to comply with UL testing and certification methods, and to meet the requirements of EN 16034, the product standard for fire and smoke resistant closures.

In Applus laboratories (Barcelona), the doors are subjected to 5500 opening and closing cycles according to EN 1191, as required by DM 21.06.2004.

Once the certificates had been obtained, Chemolli Fire also supported the customer during the IPI (Initial Production Inspection) carried out by a UL inspector.

Chemolli Fire has successfully assisted Barausse in the production of doors that meet the required standards, obtaining closures with EI 30 / FD 30 with hose and FD 20 no hose and EI 60 / FD 20 no hose resistance.

Finally, two of the doors were also tested for smoke tightness, while the third was successfully evaluated for the same performance.


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