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Number of employees: >50
Group turnover class: >40
Main markets: Italy, Middle East

The Customer's Needs

  • To develop a high performance product using already existing technologies on normal production lines;
  • To develop a range of products;
  • To export to reference markets;
  • To create commercial and technical documentation for this new line of products;
  • To implement a system that involves internal management and verifications by the certifying body;
  • To develop innovative products (market research tests).

The Chemolli Fire solution

Braga Spa, a leading manufacturer of semi-finished products for doors (counterframes, jambs, architraves, panels), develops its own certified products with the collaboration of CHEMOLLI FIRE.
Following this decision, sound-proofing tests were carried out on these products in addition to tests on non fire resistant products.
Other projects are also under way as well as a research campaign on special products.
CHEMOLLI FIRE helped the customer to implement internal management systems as well as organise checks by certifying bodies (including overseas bodies) with full support over time to ensure proper maintenance.

Additional information
EI 30 – REI 30 and EI 60 – REI 60 wooden fire resistant doors measuring 44 mm thick. Not thick at all given the performance characteristics!
One very interesting fact was the development work regarding the identification of an eco-compatible, high performance insulating material which led to certification in just over two months for these fascinating products.

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