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Number of employees: >200
Group Turnover Class: >40
Main markets: Italy, France, Russian Federation, USA, Canada, Middle East

The Customer's Needs

  • To develop a high performance product using already existing technologies on normal production lines.
  • To develop a range of products
  • To export to reference markets
  • To create commercial and technical documentation for this new line of products
  • To train technical and sales personnel working on new product lines
  • To interpret commercial requests and assess feasibility
  • To manage information about certifications issued.
  • To evaluate development programs in new markets
  • To implement a system that involves internal management and checks by the certifying body.
  • To develop innovative products (market research tests)

The Chemolli Fire solution

CHEMOLLI FIRE implemented a complete line of fire resistant and sound-proofed doors for Garofoli S.p.A. In addition, the new certifications were presented at the Garofoli stand at MADE EXPO 2012.
With our assistance, Garofoli were able to enter new markets and create numerous new products.
Technical and sale documentation were drawn up with considerable help from us.
Our personnel remained at the client’s disposal to evaluate feasibility and to interpret commercial requests.
With CHEMOLLI FIRE DATABASE, we manage (a lot of) information about all the activities performed.
We carried out evaluations regarding feasibility and the cost of developing test programs and any extension into new markets.
CHEMOLLI FIRE helped the client to implement internal management systems as well as organise checks by certifying bodies (including overseas bodies) with full support over time to ensure proper maintenance.
We also carried out small scale market research tests for new products.

Additional information
REI 30 and REI 120 doors and up to 45 dB of sound-proofing.

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