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Case History


Number of employees: >500
Turnover: >200 mln €
Main markets: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Russia, United States

The Customer's Needs

Lattonedil is a manufacturer of sandwich panels for walls, roofs, claddings. With more than 10 associated companies, numerous employees and a turnover exceeding 220 million, it is a giant in the Italian industry.

Every day it addresses the most varied requests from all markets: for this reason, support for the issue of compliance with international standards has Chemolli Fire as a qualified partner of the Lattonedil technical office.

In particular, the qualification of the sandwich panels produced by the company, in mineral wool or polyisocyanurate (PIR) towards the FM Approvals standards FM4880, FM4881, FM4882, FM4450, FM4470, FM4471, FM4411, meant a collaboration for a complex and articulated activity.

FM Approvals is one of the most recognized certification services worldwide, with a focus on the preservation of assets. The process applies to many types of product and is articulated in numerous standards based on scientific research and ultra-centennial experience.

FM, Factory Mutual Insurance Company, is divided into FM Global which is an insurance company and FM Approvals which is a test laboratory and certification body.

FM Global is the largest insurance company dedicated exclusively to commercial and industrial properties in the world. It boasts around a third of its customers in the Fortune 100 list among its customers and has more than 1800 engineers spread across the globe.

FM Approvals certifies products and services and also draws up standards for testing products that are freely available on the website

Increasingly, these American standards are also requested in Europe and in Italy, in large industrial or commercial complexes insured by FM. The products must therefore be subject to local regulations and, in addition, to FM standards.

Conductors, by building with FM Approved products, will get lower insurance premiums.

The Chemolli Fire solution

Within the work for the FM Approval, the first activity was the analysis of the range and the market, in order to submit the case to FM Approvals.

The purpose of this previous activity was to limit the number of tests to be performed by testing the most critical solutions, for example:

  • fire: solutions with the greatest thickness on PIR foams or with the least rock wool thickness;
  • wind mechanical tests: the solutions with the least thickness on pir or rock wool, the major spans and the minor fixings.

Consequently FM issues an offer, the so-called PROPOSAL, which contains the materials that will be tested within the range.

The tests that are carried out for the panels are:

  • Flammability test ASTM E2058 or ISO 121136, possibly test with the calorimeter (which is giant!);
  • Room Corner Test 1- UBC 26-3;
  • Room Corner Test 2;
  • 16ft (4.9m) Parallel Panel Test;
  • Weather resistance for outdoor applications, UV and hail tests;
  • Windborne Debris test ;
  • Systems with cavity, ventilated facades, test 4411 –12/2018.

The systems approved by Factory Mutual are included in the FM APPROVAL GUIDE databases and, for roofs, FM ROOF NAV. Find the links below.

Application guidelines and recommendations are included in the FM Global data sheets.

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