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We are present in standardization bodies, associations and groups in the areas of interest of our customers. EN, BS, UL, GOST are the “leitmotifs” of the requests that reach us. For the first three we are present in groups, organizations and associations. For other assets, including the power of attorney of a notified body and Russian laboratory and relationships with entities that operate permanently in the Middle East, we can give you the support you are looking for for your internationalization. For other countries, we rely on our dense network of relationships.

Associazione Maia

Associazione Manutentori Assemblatori Installatori Associati per la Sicurezza
Representative: Chemolli Fire
Location: Cornaredo, Milano

The Association was created to organize regulatory, training, supervision and market moralization initiatives that allow companies in the sector to organize their work with tools other than the current ones.


Representative: Chemolli Fire
Location: Correggio, Reggio Emilia

Legnolegno is a National Consortium of services founded in 1987 which aims to qualify the entrepreneurial activities and products of the window and door sector.
The Legnolegno brand is known and recognized by all the companies in the supply chain.

It currently associates 910 window and door manufacturers and collaborates with over 5000 manufacturing companies together with 1300 companies in the supply chain, and is controlled by entrepreneurs through a shareholders’ meeting formed by the associated companies.


Representative: Chemolli Fire
Location: Milano

The purpose of the Union is to represent the interests of the Italian building shell and metal construction industry sectors to all institutional stakeholders and to promote their products on the market.

An essential condition and commitment of the Union is the updating and constant improvement of the technological and quality level of the sector’s products, through assistance and information to its Members and to the market, aimed at the permanent implementation of the quality of the products and their knowledge and affirmation on the market.

BSI The British Standards Institution

Representative: Chemolli Fire
Location: London, UK

The British Standards Institution is a British standardisation organisation.

The main activities offered by the Group include:

  • Standardization: development and sale of standards at national and international level, as well as related supporting information.
  • Evaluation and certification of management systems: provision of third-party certification services for management systems.
  • Testing and certification of products and services: testing of products intended for industry and the final consumer. Training: organization of training courses and seminars, aimed at acquiring information and knowledge on standards, management systems, business improvement, approval processes and international trade.

UL’s Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS)

Member of the manufacturer's category of interest for STP 10, Fire doors. It is a group that discusses several UL standards.
Representative: Eros Chemolli
Location: Northbrook, Chicago, IL, USA

STP 10 covers the following UL standards for safety:

  • UL 9, fire testing of window assemblies
  • UL 10A, coated fire doors
  • UL 10B, fire test of doors
  • UL 10C, positive fire pressure test of doors
  • UL 10D, fire testing of fire protective curtains
  • UL 14B, sliding hardware for fire doors
  • UL 14C, swing hardware for fire doors

UNI Italian Standardization Body #3

Member of the UNI CT / 11 group - Fire behavior
Representative: Eros Chemolli
Location: Milano, Italia

The working group deals with: Reaction to fire of materials – Fire resistance of building products – Toxicity hazards in case of fire – Fire behavior of protective coatings – Fire safety engineering

UNI Italian Standardization Body #2

The working group deals with standardisation at national level for windows, doors, shutters and related accessories. Currently the standards followed by this group are 148, from the product standards of our interest UNI EN 16034, UNI EN 14351-1 and UNI EN 14351-2, the standards on the maintenance of windows and doors UNI 11674, the HPS UNI EN 16035, as well as a myriad of test standards regarding permeability to air, water, wind, burglary, corrosion and product standards on locks, hinges, padlocks, door closers, handles and much more.

UNI Italian Standardization Body

Member of the UNI/CT 011/GL 08 group - Fire-resistant and smoke-proof opening windows.
Representative: Eros Chemolli
Location: Milano, Italia

The working group deals with standardisation at national level for fire-resistant and smoke-proof doors and windows, currently the standards followed by this group are 27, from test standards UNI EN 1634, UNI 11473 on installation to UNI EN 15269 on Exap.

UNI Italian Standadization Body #4

Membro del gruppo UNI/CT 033/GL 15 - Coperture discontinue
Representative: Enrico Piccinini
Location: Milan, Italy

The working group, mirror group of CEN/TC 128 deals with national level standardization for discontinuous roofing. In this particular case, as far as we are currently concerned, double-skin insulated sandwich panels followed by SC11 are part of this area. The standards followed by this group range from product standards to design execution and maintenance

CEN European Standardization Organizations

Membro del gruppo CEN/TC 127 Fire safety in buildings - Working Group 3 - Fire Doors
Representative: Eros Chemolli
Location: Bruxelles, Belgio

CEN TC 127 develops standards to assess fire behaviour, classification of construction products, construction components and elements, fire hazard assessment and to provide fire safety in buildings. In particular, Working Group 3 deals with fire doors.

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