The ‘Guide to CE marking of fire-resistant and smoke-proof interior doors’.

Download the Ebook for free HERE

On Wednesday 13 March at the Guidafinestra stand, and on Thursday 14 at the Chemolli Fire stand, this unmissable work for the sector was presented

Il video di Chemolli Fire a Made Expo 2019, tra cui momenti della presentazione ufficiale della guida.

Some comments:

“Excellent, then, and absolutely timely, is Chemolli Fire’s initiative to prepare the easy-to-use booklet ‘Guide to CE Marking of Fire-Resistant and Smoke-Resistant Interior Doors’, which is being presented as an absolute preview at the Involucro Serramenti Forum at Made Expo 2019.” [from the foreword by Ennio Braicovich – Editorial Director of Nuova Finestra – Showroom Doors & Windows, – DBInformation Spa]

“A widely shared tool, a culture operation to acquire future best practices.” [Eros Chemolli – CEO – Chemolli Fire]

“First-class information on a complex subject.” [Alessandro Brunelli – Esperto di normativa]

“The first existing CE marking guide for these products.” [Paolo Monticelli – CSI S.p.A., Marcatura CE, Prodotti da costruzione (CPR)]

“The opportunity to offer our experience in the history of passive fire protection.” [Andrea Zapparoli – Head of Sales Italy & SEE – Promat S.p.A.]

“An important collaboration that will continue into the future.”[Andrea Visigalli – Sales Engineer Fire Rated Applications – Promat S.p.A.]

“A comprehensive and certainly useful guide for all companies wishing to learn more about the EN 16034 standard and the implications it will have on the fire protection market. An innovative idea that aims to provide clarity, create culture and stimulate curiosity to learn more about a particularly important topic as it relates to a life-saving application.” [Luca Marcon – Regional Sales Manager Italy SIMONSWERK Gmbh]

“An explanatory and comprehensive document, which we called for first.” [Flavio Frison – Product Manager – AGB Alban Giacomo S.p.A.]

“The moment of certification is when a company goes to rethink the product according to the objectives to be achieved.” [Aldo Guardini – Direttore tecnico – Roverplastik S.p.A.]