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We are by your side during testing for certifications valid in the worlds most important markets

When it comes to testing, we provide our experience and our KNOW-HOW.


When it comes to testing, we provide our experience and our KNOW-HOW.

Having always done this type of activity, as specialists, we offer you complete advice during all the laboratory experimentation phases, from design to documentation of results.


Listening is the most important phase of our interaction: we want you to develop a product that is the sum of your identity and your needs.

First of all, we’ll try to understand your real needs, the channels and the markets you want to measure yourself on.

Then we will show you how the testing and certification process takes place: we need to deal with you, to fully grasp your point of view. Then, we concert a proposal that respects – compatibly with the required performances – your product lines, your production lines and, as far as possible, the potential economies of scale by using products and methodologies already consolidated in your company.


Beyond the opportunities, which we will show you, we will then advise you what we would do, in your shoes.

We advise with our experience on what, how and where to test. In which laboratory should you test? In the one that best suits your needs!


Once the key is turned, we prepare a project that is exhaustive of all the details. Which materials and components to use, an important part of our dialogue on which we can best advise you. In addition to this, a cost sheet and a forecast of weights, to allow you to check if your goals will be achieved. Using the best practices in the sector, we are convinced of this.


A consultant gives advice, then lets the client put it into practice. We are not like this: we take off tie and put on our work clothes when needed. Once the production of the samples has been launched, we are present during the gluing of the doors, we offer support during processing and hardware installation, we proceed with our technicians to install the samples in the laboratory and we are physically present at the test. We manage the post-test documentation review phase, we illustrate the documentation and remain available for all issues related to results management.

The test results can then be used for approvals, CE markings, Exapor other practices found on the site.

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We can also extend the results of your tests in the reference markets

Our network of connections with worldwide certification bodies allows us to give you the right solution for your needs, with the lowest number of tests and costs ever possible.

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