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Today the attention to the topic of CE marked wooden fire doors is high, with companies that are inquiring to understand what CE marking their wooden fire doors entails and with others that have already launched to achieve this.

Let’s continue an article published in Nuova Finestra by Eros Chemolli.

A Case History

One of the first companies that carried out this procedure for wooden fire doors is Sebino Chiusure S.r.l. of Scanzorosciate, Bergamo. Andrea Bottà, owner and sales manager, tells us about the dynamics that led him to undertake this path. “[…] A large construction site required us to supply CE marked doors, which perfectly fell into the case of dual-use locks: approved and marked. Although we saw in the future the possibility of marking outdoor wood fire doors as a distinctive plus compared to the competition, we found ourselves having to provide immediately, precisely for a real need prescribed on a construction site “.

What is the procedure for certification?

“The manufacturer presents the range of products he wants to include with the relative variants, providing the available evidence. With teamwork, the laboratory and notified body verify the existing evidence defining any missing ones. The manufacturer sets up the production control system in the factory, then the notified body – since AVCP 1 is in force for these products – carries out the inspection visit, issuing the certificate of constancy and annually the inspection for surveillance. “

What does a manufacturer of wooden fire doors need to CE mark their products?

“First of all, the products must have been fire tested according to the European standard EN1634-1 and not with the national standard UNI 9723. Furthermore, the characteristics necessary for the single European country for that intended use must be verified . Normally this check can be done with local notified bodies, or at national contact points. The characteristics for this intended use for Italy are the permeability to air, water, wind, the ability to release in the event of panic bars, thermal transmittance “.

Did you know

THE CERTIFIER IN THE COMPANY In addition to the normal Initial Type Testing (ITT), the new CE marking requires a notified certification body to send an officer to your company to supervise, evaluate and personally verify the process productive.

YOU MUST DRAFT THE FPC MANUAL It is necessary to document the entire production process and write a Factory Production Control (FPC) manual. The aim is to formalize the procedures that allow the constant performance of the products.

ANNUAL CHECKS Once a year, the notified body official returns to the manufacturer to ensure that production and control standards are maintained.

MODIFYING PRODUCTS ALREADY TESTED IS MORE COMPLICATED The modifications in the marking regime can be carried out through an evaluation called Extended Application (EXAP) carried out by a laboratory. The evaluation is made not according to subjective laboratory criteria but with respect to the rules contained in the European standards of the UN EN 15269 series.

What are the advantages?

FREE CIRCULATION Your products can circulate freely throughout the Community.

SAVINGS Without the CE marking, a specific extension is required for each country and each product, with a cost that can vary from 3,000 to 5,000 euros per certificate.

REPUTATION You can present yourself to your customers with an extra guarantee, proving to be at the forefront also on the regulatory front.

Many Italian companies see, thanks to the CE marking according to the standard for external doors, a further plus: the delicious possibility of accessing the “ Ecobonus

The CE marking is therefore essential for your company to be attractive and avant-garde in the eyes of your customers .

We know that the procedure to follow is long and very complex: fortunately at Chemolli Fire we are used to complexity, so you can rely on us! We are international consultants, with a single goal: we improve your fire protection systems and make them safer. Our specialists will accompany you during all stages of testing and certification.

And that’s not all!

Below you will find the first appointment of “ La Prova del Fuoco “, a video column in which we aim to analyze the most topical issues in the fire resistant closures sector: today we are talking, in fact, of the CE marking of fire resistant wooden doors .

We do it with Andrea Bottà, from Sebino Chiusure Srl .