Very important in our field, EN16034:2014 is revolutionising the market for fire-resistant closures.

The advantages that CE marking brings for fire-resistant and smoke-proof closures are basically threefold:

  • Wider markets – Your products can be freely marketed throughout the EU with greater possibilities for extending results;
  • Savings – Marketing non-CE marked products requires country- and product-specific extensions, with additional, often high costs;
  • Reputation – Prove that you are also at the forefront on the regulatory front, with an undisputed advantage over the competition.

The construction of fire doors is a very complex system where many important performance variables are taken into account, including Fire Resistance, Smoke Tightness, Soundproofing, and Durability, in addition to the geographical context where you want to measure yourself. Listening is the most important phase of our interaction: we want you to develop a product that is the sum of your identity and your needs.

Chemolli Fire’s role is based on communicating and interpreting your needs to the laboratory or notified body, and vice versa. Our customer is never alone; on the contrary, we offer comprehensive advice during all stages of certification, and assist you:

  • In planning and budgeting activities, to determine an investment plan
  • In all dealings with the notified body.
  • In the production of the sample.
  • In door gluing, machining and installation
  • In the preparation of Factory Production Control
  • In the preparation of the necessary documentation including DoP – Declaration of Performance, instructions, CE marking.
  • With our presence during testing and inspections.
  • Support for all management issues

We work in such a way that our values of reliability, credibility and consistency come first.

For more information visit the link to our article on CE marking