The Chemolli Firebolt A1 is the adjustable bolt in our product line for fire doors.

As we have already explained for the Firebolt A2.0, deformations of the leaf during testing are one of the main reasons for their failure, as they cause flames to pass through from the exposed side. To avoid these deformations, it is useful to put constraints between the leaf and the frame.

It is not only deformations of the leaf that compromise its effectiveness, but also poor fire resistance of the hinges, as they may melt and fail when exposed to high temperatures, with the risk of the leaf falling.

For this reason, we recommend the installation of sealing bolts such as our Firebolt A1, an adjustable sealing bolt that prevents the leaf from slipping off and enables it to withstand a hinge failure.

The Firebolt A1 is also UL-certified for the US and Canada.

You can find more information on the dedicated page.