The fire door market demands more and more customisation, large sizes, flush doors, doors that combine fire resistance with sound insulation and design.

To do it right, one would have to do a lot of tests, then one would have to get into the merits of the individual company and understand its identity, its values, its production line, the market it wants to enter. Testing everything is too onerous. A good strategy may be to enter the market and build up a position to be developed later.

What does Chemolli Fire do for its customers? We offer comprehensive advice during all phases of laboratory testing, from design to documentation of results. We listen, understand the real needs, the channels and the markets to be measured against.

We then explain how the testing and certification process is carried out, and subsequently formulate a proposal that respects product ranges, production lines, and potential economies of scale as far as possible, using products and methodologies already established in the company. For more information read the article on our website