It is not just about bureaucracy, but about coaching in the study of the product, production and discovery of new international business opportunities.

The guide to door testing and certification is a fundamental part of the process where the quality of a product is not measured only through customer requests and expectations, but above all by taking into account standards of absolute value that bring added value the habitability of a property.

Witness it, Fabio Beltramo , technical manager of Aip Porte : “Chemolli Fire has brought the necessary know-how regarding fire doors and this experience has become fundamental for the realization of the products. More than anything else I appreciated the human relationship that was created with Mr. Eros Chemolli who followed the entire door certification process with us: EI30, EI60. A collaboration that has allowed us to reach very high standards in terms of acoustic insulation”.

In this scenario, Flexya also measured itself, a reality born from a group of artisans, which has found its satisfactions on the market thanks to the right mix of dedication to work, craftsmanship and implementation of cutting-edge technological and industrial investments. Chemolli Fire has followed for them the certification of EI30, EI60, EI60 two-leaf doors and various levels of soundproofing: 26-31-32-37-39-42 db.

“With Chemolli – explains, Paolo Pantaleoni , Flexya sales manager – we have acquired knowledge in the field of fire doors and noise abatements that we have been able to pass on to our customers, allowing us to increase sales. With the same network of sellers, we were able to quickly expose ourselves to a new market in Italy, also undertaking some interesting export paths, to which we are trying to give continuity”.

Chemolli Fire makes this step its strong point, following the door certification path from the preparation of document and regulatory reporting for circulation in each country, up to a total consultancy report. The benefits are tangible: free movement, savings and reputation.

For this reason, taking the right certification path can open up unexplored business areas for the manufacturer.

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