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Doors Fire Resistance


Fire tests on doors according to EN 1634-1:2018

Tipo: Norma di prova
Standard: UNI EN 1634-1:2018

When do we talk about fire resistance or reaction to fire during a fire? From the moment of ignition, which can hatch over a longer or shorter period of time, to the propagation of flames, we speak of reaction to fire. In this phase, the behavior of the materials is very important. They must ‘burn […]


Smoke tightness for doors UNI 1634-3:2005

Tipo: Norma di prova
Standard: UNI EN 1634-3:2005

With this legislation, tests with fume at medium temperature at 200 °C (Sm) and cold fume (Sa) can be carried out. The leakage is evaluated in cubic metres per hour per metre of joint length, except for the lower one. It is an accessory requirement for many markets such as Italy, England, Germany and the […]


Standard for classification, fire resistance UNI EN 13501

Tipo: Norma generale
Standard: UNI EN 13501

This is the general standard that mainly reports on the various classes and performances achievable by products from fire resistance tests. EN13501-1, covers classification using data from reaction-to-fire tests. EN13501-3, covers classification on products and elements of service installations, such as ducts and fire dampers. EN13501-4, covers classification using test data on smoke control components. […]


EXAP assessments, Extended application for fire resistant doors EN 15269

Tipo: Extended application
Standard: UNI EN 15269

This large family of legislation gives guidance on how products can (or cannot) be modified after testing beyond the scope stated in the test standard. DIRECT SCOPE OF APPLICATION Some modifications allowed to the manufacturer automatically, are those included in DIRAP, the field of direct application of results included in the test standard, and normally […]

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