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Testing and Certifications

Specialised in design, testing and certification of fire doors

International consultants to improve your fire protection systems and make them safer.

Chemolli Fire is the team of professionals specialised in the design, te- sting, and fire certification of construction products: from sandwich panels to crossings, from ship doors to walls, with a particular expertise in wood, metal or glazed civil fire doors.

Over the years, a strong international expertise in design and testing has been developed.

Chemolli Fire’s consultants are always close to customers to improve their closing systems and make them safer.

The consultancy begins with an analysis of the customer’s needs and idea, followed by the design by applying corrective measures linked to the required performance, and continues throughout the laboratory testing phases, right up to the documentation of the results.

Chemolli Fire Systems supports fire-resistant and soundproofing closure systems: it includes accessories, panels, and materials.

The main areas of operation concern: fire resistance (with EN, BS, NF, UL, FM standards), GOST, Middle East, Soundproofing, CE Marking, Re- action to fire, durability, smoke-tightness, as well as IMO-FTP Code naval testing.

For the different standards, more than 700 tests have been carried out worldwide.

These tests can be followed by the implementation of certification systems, also related to the country of destination.

Assistance also covers the procedures required to carry out or extend tests in other countries (including the Middle East, UK, France, Slovenia, USA, Russia, Australia), offering full support for inspections and surveys

International advisors, improving your fire resistant systems and making them safer.

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