These requirements concern the inspection of air leaks through doors and other protective elements installed in openings where the air leak has to be controlled.


UL 1784 is a test that is very similar to the European one according to EN1634-3, where the heating is similar (400 degrees Fahrenheit is 204 degrees), but the temperature in the test chamber room must be reached, rather than in 30 minutes as indicated in the European test, in 15 minutes.

Smoke-proof doors normally have the addition of a “S” in the definition (es. FD20S).

This involves an additional test compared to that of the UL10b/UL10c fire


The UL products listed, can be found and searched in the UL database, IQ Prospector

The category for smoke-proof doors is the OPBW Leakage-rated Door Assemblies

UL is not the only laboratory that can perform UL tests, but it is the only one that can put you into the UL IQ Prospector. There are also other entities that can conduct a test according to the UL standard, they could add you in their own database (Es. Intertek).


If the test succeeded, what for us to adjust, UL proceeds with the Follow Up Service, FUS, as you can see in the specific section of the site. by clicking here. (METTERE LINK CERTIFICAZIONE UL LISTING)


When it comes to testing, we provide our experience and our KNOW-HOW.

As specialists, we offer comprehensive advice during all stages of laboratory testing, from design to documentation of results.


Listening is the most important phase of our interaction: we want you to develop a product that is the sum of your identity and needs.

First, we try to understand your real needs, the channels and markets you want to measure yourself against.

Then we show you how the testing and certification process takes place: we need to engage with you, to fully grasp your point of view. Then we develop a proposal that respects – compatibly with the required performance – your product lines, your production lines and, as far as possible, potential economies of scale using products and methodologies already established in your company.


Beyond the opportunities, which we will illustrate to you, we will then advise you on what we would do in your position.

We will advise you with our experience on what, how and where to test. In which laboratory to test? In the one best suited to your needs.


Once the key has been turned, we prepare a project that is comprehensive in all details. Which materials and components to use, an important part of our dialogue on which we can best advise you. In addition to this, a cost sheet and a weight forecast, to allow you to check whether your goals will be achieved. Using industry best practices, we are convinced of this.


A consultants we give advices, then we leave it to the client to put it into practice. We are not like that: we take off the tie and put on our work clothes when needed. We launch the production of the samples, we are present during the gluing of the doors, we offer support during the process and shoeing, we proceed with our technicians to the installation of the samples in the laboratory and we are physically present at the testing. We manage the post-test documentation review phase, explain the documentation to you and remain available for all issues related to results management.


In addition, we offer you comprehensive consultancy during all stages of certification, assisting you:

  • in the planning and budgeting of activities, to determine an investment plan;
  • During all the communication with the notified body;
  • during sampling (withdrawing products for testing);
  • in implementing your FPC – Factory Production Control;
  • In preparing the necessary documentation including instructions and labels;
  • with our presence during initial inspections;
  • afterwards, as support for all management issues.