IMO, the International Maritime Organisation, is the United Nations specialised agency for ship safety.


The FTP code – Fire Testing Procedures – indicates the standards for the testing of ship elements. We normally test bulkheads and components in class B15, B30 or A60 in accredited laboratories.

The test laboratory has a furnace that is capable of following a heating curve established by ISO 834.

If the element to be tested is to be installed on a bulkhead, the element inserted in the bulkhead constructed in accordance with the desired class is tested.

“B-0” 0 min insulation 30 min integrity
“B-15” 15 min isolation 30 min integrity
“A-0” 0 min isolation 60 min integrity
“A-15” 15 min isolation 60 min integrity
“A-30” 30 min isolation 60 min integrity
“A-60” 60 min isolation 60 min integrity


Many door manufactures come to us for making tests for their products, finalized to be used as evidences for the certified body for CE marking, in order to obtain the fourfh digit.

We can carry out fire tests as follows:

  • activities for customers, where in accordance with the parties we insert products of the manufacturer of accessories;
  • dedicated activities, where we arrange everything , even the doors on which to mount accessories.

It goes without saying that the second type of activity, on the one hand guarantees results, time and ownership of evidence, on the other hand has higher costs.

We can also find evidence from our extensive database, possibly agreeing to allow the use of the same for marking or EXAP. In the case of evidence in our possession, the agreement is made directly with us. In the case of evidence from customers, we check whether there is a willingness to agree with the relevant guarantees.

On the subject of EXAP we can prepare the request to the laboratories. 

On the subject of HPS, we can provide the drafting.

The fire tests can be according to EN1634-1 or EN1634-2, see the TESTING section of our website for specific insights.